About Investing in Yoogli

Yoogli is the hands-down companion site for Wikipedia – the fifth most visited website on the internet!

Yoogli is an advanced Semantic Search engine designed to search all of Wikipedia, University databases, Academic Journals, as well as millions of other research websites and so much more.

With Yoogli, search terms are converted into a Semantic Data Model.  This model represents not just the words, but their actual meaning. The Yoogli search engine is able to understand and analyze complete pages of text, documents and URL’s and deliver more related results than keyword search. For example this Semantic Matching tool allows Yoogli to present advertising content DURING the user experience rather than after the search process ends.

The technology also advances social networking to the next level. It has the ability to represent people as semantic vectors, as well as specific interest groups that people form. This connects a user with other people and information that is most valuable and useful to them. This allows people to find and access collection libraries that are of interest to them posted by other people.

Yoogli Semantic Search Technology is protected by four specific Patents and a fully vetted worldwide development and marketing agreement. See also: YoogliLegal our companion vertical market application.

For additional information on investing in Yoogli click here:   Yoogli – Fundable                                   Charles M Farano  714-854-9860