About Yoogli


Wikimedian is an English language encyclopedia that incorporates semantic search technology. It matches complex queries with more exacting results. Search terms are converted into a semantic model that represents not the words, but their actual meaning.  The semantic model of search terms is compared against the semantic models of the resources available in the global search space. The technology can understand and analyze complete pages of text, documents, and URLs and deliver more targeted and related results than keyword search. It can drill down deeper into the database for specific results thus continuously refining the desired result for the user. Another significant result is the ability to represent people as semantic vectors, as well as specific interest groups that people form. This may connect a user with other people with the information that is most valuable and useful to them. The technology also advances social networking to the next level. The tool allows people to find and access libraries of information that are of interest to them and posted by other people. Collaborative filtering technology can identify people who have established themselves as experts in a particular field who may then relate to others of like interests.

Wikimedian is committed to the democratization of knowledge for all mankind. We believe this is essential to advance peace, acceptance, love, wisdom and a better understanding of each other and the world in which we live.
– Joe Kerwin, Founder.

Address: 4501 East La Palma Avenue, Suite 240, Anaheim, CA 92807.